Potential Projects

Hardware assisted tracing

What is hardware assisted tracing?

Hardware vendors now provide hardware tracing mechanisms which are currently partially supported by the mainline Linux kernel. Reaching an agreement amongst vendors on a set of common interfaces would be a good step towards improving hardware tracing support under Linux.

CTF tracepoints in GDB

What is GDB doing with CTF?

GDB supports saving tracing data in the Common Trace Format. By saving to a standard trace format, users are able to leverage existing tracing tools.

Common trace clock

What is Common trace clock?

The goal of this project is to add support to the Linux kernel to provide a correlated time between the kernel instrumentation and userspace in order to have a comprehensive kernel instrumentation coverage which can be correlated to user level traces. By providing a common clock, tools such as Perf, Ftrace, SystemTAP and LTTng can benefit from this enhancement.