In furtherance of The Linux Foundation mission, the Diagnostic & Monitoring Workgroup will leverage the open source community to create a de-facto standard for tracing and monitoring infrastructure in order to improve diagnostics of Linux user space programs.

Member Representatives

Each Funding Member, while in good standing, is entitled to appoint and be represented by one voting representative to the Steering Committee. Funding Members in good standing are defined as members that have a current Linux Foundation Individual or Corporate Membership.

Community Participant

Developers and representatives of other types of stakeholders may be appointed by a vote of the Steering Committee or for the initial year only, The Linux Foundation. Community Participants do not vote, but are able to participate in all Workgroup activities. Appointments shall last indefinitely, unless revoked by the Steering Committee or The Linux Foundation.


The Workgroup may host projects in furtherance of its mission. Each project shall be entitled to operate under its own technical governance model so long as they do not conflict with the Bylaws, Policies or Charter of The Linux Foundation. Projects within the scope of the Workgroup mission shall be approved at any time by a two-thirds majority of all then-serving Steering Committee members.


The Steering Committee may run or oversee other activities including, but not limited to, managing a website, coordinating events, drafting publications and other marketing or developer community focused activities so long as they are designed to advance the Mission.


A simple majority of the Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Actions of the Steering Committee

Actions of the Steering Committee may be taken at in-person meetings, via conference call, or through electronic means, including email or IRC. In order for any action to be effective, it shall be approved by a simple majority of the Steering Committee members participating in person, by electronic means and/or by conference call, when a quorum is so present.


The Steering Committee shall elect a Chairperson, and if so desired, may elect such other officers as it may choose. All officers shall be elected annually, and may be reelected one or more times.

Charter Amendment

This Charter may be amended, and additional rules may be adopted, at any time by a two-thirds majority of all then-serving Steering Committee members and approval of The Linux Foundation.