The Diagnostic and Monitoring workgroup provides certain services and infrastructures to its members:


Projects hosted on can have their own minisite, adapted to suit the needs of the project and to reflect its distinct nature. Smaller projects also have the possibility to have a dedicated section right on the projects page, with possibility of conversion to a minisite as needed. Larger projects with pre-existing websites and communities can also be accommodated.

Issue Tracking

Issue trackers are provided via the Linux Foundation, using Bugzilla. Multiple trackers can be created as needed.

Git Repositories

Hosting for Git repositories is also provided through the Linux Foundation. As with issue trackers, multiple repositories can be created as necessary.


The DiaMon Workgroup has a wiki which can be used by members for their projects.

Mailing List

Currently a single mailing list exists for all DiaMon related topics, diamon-discuss. There is, however, the possibility of having multiple mailing lists if the need arises.