The Diagnostic and Monitoring workgroup (DiaMon) aims to improve open-source diagnostic and monitoring software.


The complexity of systems is growing rapidly, multi-core introduces notoriously difficult-to-find bugs; Hypervisors, virtual machines, middleware and cloud technologies create extra layers, heterogeneous systems are now common in embedded systems, the Internet of Things requires interactions between different types of devices, etc. The increased complexity is creating tricky problems requiring a significant amount of investigation with programs that are not typically created to be diagnosed together, e.g. open source components, libraries, in house code, proprietary third party, etc. With open source adoption we now have the opportunity to create a de-facto widely used tracing and monitoring infrastructure. We would like to improve interoperability between those tools, as well as improve Linux-based tracing, profiling, logging, and monitoring features. We would like to accelerate this development by making it easier to work together on common pieces.


Create de-facto, widely used open source trace technologies, including but not limited to trace data creation, activation, collection and storage, postmortem analysis tools, visualization tools, ability to move analysis from postmortem to live/monitoring, scripting, data conversion, correlation and analysis of different sources of trace data. Continue to find areas where harmonization of technologies (e.g. tracepoint API, clock precision, data format, scripting) can be achieved to facilitate diagnostic of the interaction between user applications, the operating system and hardware components.

We propose a Workgroup with an efficient and simple governance model, mainly aiming at facilitating collaboration between companies and developers, enabling end users to share their use-cases and feedback on future improvements. DiaMon enables end users to exchange user guides, white papers, data sheets and general guidelines about diagnostic and monitoring best practices, tools, analysis. The main expected result of this Workgroup is improving open source diagnostic and monitoring software to solve real world problems. Eventually, the Workgroup will also be a place to host open source software that addresses diagnostic and monitoring problems.


Founding members of the DiaMon workgroup include:

Applicable Industries

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Cloud
  • Defense
  • Embedded Systems
  • Trading
  • High Performance Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecom

To get involved in the workgroup effort, please contact us.