Hosted Projects


What is LTTng?

The LTTng project aims at providing highly efficient tracing tools for Linux. Its tracers help tracking down performance issues and debugging problems involving multiple concurrent processes and threads.

Trace Compass

What is Trace Compass?

The Trace Compass project is an extensible trace viewer and analyzer. It reads and correlates CTF traces (including LTTng), as well as text logs.


What are mini core dumps?

Core dumps can be too large for permanent storage on embedded systems. The goal of the mini core dump project is to provide a configurable excerpt of a full core dump. That allows space savings and eventually the storage of multiple dumps which enhances the debugability because it allows the observation of patterns.

Common Trace Format

Goal of the CTF specification

The common trace format specifies a trace format based on the requirements of the industry (through collaboration with the Multicore Association) and the Linux community. We propose a subset of CTF for use with Linux as a reference. The format is flexible to address kernel, userspace and hardware tracing use-cases. The correlation of traces across multiples domains or multiple hosts is possible. By using a standard format, tools can be reused with traces providing from diverses sources.


What is Babeltrace?

The Babeltrace project provides trace read and write libraries, as well as a trace converter. Plugins can be created for any trace format to allow its conversion to/from another trace format. The main format expected to be converted to/from is the Common Trace Format (CTF). The default input format of the “babeltrace” command is CTF, and its default output format is a human-readable text log. The “babeltrace-log” command converts from a text log to a CTF trace.